Welcome to Squires 1892 at Kellington Manor

Nestled in the heart of Yorkshire is Squires 1892 at Kellington Manor. Originally built as a lavish gentleman’s residence for J. Poskitt in 1892, it was sold to the Tolson family in the 1920s before being converted into a public house in 1986.

Now owned and managed by Andrew and Sue Papworth, Squires 1892 has been an award-winning free house and event parlour¹ since 2002. Serving fresh, locally prepared food while hosting memorable family events that give everyone a nanty narking². And boasting three private party chambers, five letting quarters, room for up to 15 caravans plus additional camping space, as well as a relaxing beer garden. We’re deeply proud of our dizzying³ history, and wish you an extraordinary stay at Squires 1892 at Kellington Manor.

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¹ A room reserved for entertaining visitors
² Great fun
³ Overwhelming

Weddings at Squires 1892


As you prepare to wed your chuckaboo⁴, we will be here every step of the way to bring your vision to life. From offering a personalised package that caters to your budget, to three different sized parlours for parties of all sizes. While our onsite chef prepares the ultimate feast to your dietary requirements.


A close friend or a lover

Celebrate with us


It’s time to let your hair down and slap your cheeriest gigglemug⁵. As a gentleman’s residence, Squires 1892 at Kellington Manor is the ideal party venue for folk of all ages; we even have a bespoke candy cart available for hire.


Smiling face

Gather with us

Corporate Events

Squires 1892 at Kellington Manor is the ideal event parlour⁶ for all types of corporate events. Whether you and your team need to ruminate⁷, solve a business conundrum or celebrate denouement⁹ our new facilities are the perfect choice.

Corporate Events

A room reserved for entertaining visitors
Reflect deeply on a subject
A difficult problem
The outcome of a complex sequence of events


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